Events with Trouble Brewing


Here’s a quick rundown of some events and collaborations we can create with you:

Beer Workshops

Love beer, drink beer. Our Trouble Brewing beer tasting workshops can be held at one of our affiliated client locations, or we can bring the beer to you. Under the guidance of our Master Brewer, taste and learn about 5 different beers we make at Trouble Brewing in an engaging and enjoyable environment. These events are completely customisable to your needs, with food packages and pairings available… just ask!

Corporate Events

Every corporate get-together is better with good beer. We offer packages for free-flow events on a price per head basis, as well as bespoke packages of pre-paid kegs. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we can create a package best suited to you and your awesome event.

Mobile Bars

Don’t have a bar? We’ll bring ours to you! Our mobile Trouble Brewing bars are pretty awesome (if we may say so ourselves) to set up at any location and serve draught or bottled beers of your choice. There’s also an option to brand the front of the bar, which has been popular for corporate events, festivals, sports events, street parties, or even at the beach!

Drop us a message at to chat more about your event with Trouble!